Home Plumbing Tips To Prepare For The Winter

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With winter approaching quickly, it’s best to prepare for the cold conditions as soon as possible. The unpredictability of Missouri weather could either make for a brutally cold winter or a fairly mild one. Either way, it’s best to prepare for the worst. Use these simple household plumbing tips to prevent frozen pipes and water heater failure.

Cover Outdoor Faucets

Ensuring that the outdoor water spigots are ready for winter is the first step to winterizing the home. Without the proper care, an untreated outdoor faucet can lead to substantial heat loss, and lead to frozen pipes. Apply outdoor faucet covers on each spigot around the house to counteract heat loss from the each of the pipes. Luckily, these covers are not only affordable, but they are also easy and quick to install.

Disconnect Household Hoses

Another precaution on the winter checklist should be making sure that all hoses are disconnected from their outdoor spigots. Leaving a hose attached that still has water inside will freeze during cold weather. The ice from the hose can then back up into the pipe inside the house, causing the pipes to crack, which results in more serious problems. For winter use, the hose should be immediately disconnected after use to prevent frozen thread, making it impossible to disconnect. If not, the result could be costly.

Insulate Water Pipes in Unheated Areas.

Along with covering the outdoor faucets, it is critical to keep the rest of the pipe warm. Especially, if they are located in an unheated area such as the basement, attic, or garage. Not providing the proper protection and coverage against the cold can cause a busted pipe, and result in thousands of dollars in damage. To help prevent the pipes from freezing, all it takes is a quick trip to the hardware store to buy heat tape or foam sleeves, and provide an extra layer of insulation. For any pipes that are located in heated areas, set the room to a minimum temperature of 60 degrees – this is safe temperature to that ensures pipes will not freeze.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

The last thing you need to happen during a bitterly cold winter is for furnace heater failure. Not only does it mean being left in the cold, but it also means running the risk of leaving all the home plumbing vulnerable to freezing. It’s important to get a routine furnace service and maintenance before winter comes. Poorly maintained furnaces often result in busted pipes, and the damage it brings as well.

Drain Your Water Heater

Having a full water heater tank puts it at-risk for freezing. Frozen water can cause damage to internal parts, causing the need for a costly replacement. Draining the tank before the cold arrives can easily prevent freezing. From there, running the water straight to the water heater from the hot/cold water line will keep the tank from filling, and making it easy to avoid any damage caused by frozen pipes and parts.

Plan Accordingly

It’s easy to forget about the home preparation during the Holiday Season. Spending a couple hours providing the proper maintenance can make all the difference when avoiding costly plumbing repairs during the winter. However, if you need any help with winter preparation or repairs, contact us at About Plumbing. Our skilled plumbing technicians are licensed and insured to provide quality service for all residential and commercial projects.

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