Common Sewer Line Problems In Arnold, MO

Your Sewer line is one of the most important pieces of plumbing in your entire household. In the sewer line alone, every part of your plumbing is connected to this massive structure. Your toilet, shower, and sinks all travel from the drain through the water pipes in the home and find their way into the sewer line.

It’s important for homeowners in Arnold, MO to keep their sewer line clean. Clogs and blockages that occur in the line can be hazardous to your entire home plumbing system. Sometimes, you can’t always control what gets in the way of your sewer line.

Several different issues can occur from problems with broken or moved pipes to acts of nature with tree roots that have invaded your line and caused damage. You can see why it is so important to keep it clean and make the necessary sewer line repairs or installations when the time comes.

Common Sewer Line Issues

Common Pipe Damage

Over time, pipes tend to have issues. They can become broken, corrode, and become misaligned in the ground. A lot of this has to do with the materials that were used to build these older sewer lines. Clay or plastic pipes naturally weaken over time. This leaves them, victims, to problems with tree roots, freezing temperatures, and shifts in the soil around the sewer line.

Tree Roots Damaging The Sewer Lines

Tree roots are a common headache for many homes and businesses in the Arnold area. The roots, which are in search of water, infiltrate your sewer pipes by breaking into them and causing severe blockages and leaks.

Collapsed Pipes

Also known as a bellied pipe, this occurs when an area of your sewer pipe has sunk into the ground, allowing waste to build up and cause further issues. Bellied pipes can still allow water to flow through, however, once waste starts to find its way, they are known to show problems with leaks and blockages Many bellies in the sewer line are the cause of soil erosion, a settled foundation, or human error from poor sewer line installation.

You will commonly see a belly in the pipe occur at the fitting, ABS connections, clay pipe joints, or cast iron joints.

Leaking Joints

Many older sewer lines in Arnold tend to break down and deteriorate. The seals between the sewer line pipes are common to break down and allow sewage to escape into the soil. Once too much has found its way into the soil, the water will begin to rise and show up in your yard or the area around your business.

Blockages in the Sewer Line

Blockages in the sewer line tend to be the cause of what goes down your drains. For many homeowners or restaurants in Arnold, it’s common to see the buildup of grease cause a stoppage in the sewer line. Once that blockage occurs, leaking joints and busted pipes become an issue if the blockage is not taken care of in time.

For more information about which foods cause blockages, check out our blog about what not to put in the garbage disposal.

What are The Signs of Sewer Line Problems?

With sewer line problems always come common signs of damage. If you believe that your Arnold home or business is having issues with your sewer line then keep an eye out for any of these signs. You may end up having more than one show up.

Your Lawn becomes damaged

When there is a problem in your sewer line, it more than always shows in your lawn. Soggy patches and areas where the grass is extra green indicate that a sewer pipe may be broken in that area. The wastewater builds up underground and eventually, the oversaturation causes it to rise and puddle up in your yard. As a homeowner in Arnold, one of the last things you want to see is damage to your lawn.

Consistently Backed Up Drains

Breaks or blockages in your sewer pipes are common culprits of frequent drain clogs. If you notice you have issues with clogged drains make sure to call a professional to help you take care of the issue at hand and provide proper drain cleaning services.

Uncommon Noises and Actions from Your Plumbing Fixtures

Severe sewer clogs tend to affect the whole house. Strange occurrences such as flushing the toilet and having back up from your tub or shower show up, or you hear a gurgling sound from flushing the toilet or from water that goes down the shower drain are common signs of a drain clog.

Arnold Sewer Line Repair and Installations

When you find yourself having to deal with any of these issues in Arnold, Missouri, contact us at About Plumbing Inc. Our plumbers are licensed and certified to help you with any sewer line repairs and installations that you need. We’ll quickly take care of those pesky clogged drains and ensure you have a clean, healthy sewer line.

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