Water Leak Detection Services in Arnold, MO

Have you started to notice signs of a water leak at your house, but you’re not sure where the leak is coming from? Call us for water leak detection services in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Water leaks can cause major damage to your house. And unfortunately, the longer they go unrepaired - and undetected - the more wreckage they can cause. To limit the damage, and expenses, call for professional help as soon as possible. Contact About Plumbing Inc. for appointments in Arnold, MO. We provide straightforward pricing so there are no surprises later!

When an issue occurs in your main water line, it’s essential to have it repaired immediately. Contact us for water line repairs in Arnold.

Causes of Hidden Water Leaks

The name says it all with hidden water leaks. If you can’t see them, they can be much harder to locate and repair. And the longer these go before being fixed, the more damage they can cause to your property. Some potential causes of these leaks can include:

  • Aging pipes that can break down.
  • Corrosion that can lead to leaks.
  • Freezing pipes that can burst.
  • Poorly installed pipes.
  • Tree roots that can cause the pipes to break.
  • Cracks in your system.
  • Other major obstructions that can cause damage to your pipelines if not removed.

If you suspect you have a leak, call About Plumbing Inc. to let our trustworthy technicians inspect the issue.

Potential Dangers of Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can do more than cause water damage to your house or building. Some other issues they can cause include:

  • Flooding in your home, yard, and surrounding property.
  • Severe property damage to your house can lead to mold and mildew.
  • Health hazards caused by a broken sewer line.
  • Damage to your piping system.
  • Electrical shortages that could put you and your family at risk.
  • Higher water bills.

Problems with your gas lines can be extremely dangerous for your family, household, and property. Contact us to learn about our gas line services.

How To Avoid Leaks in Your Piping System

You are likely aware that water leaks can cause extreme damage to your house and property. However, you might not know how you can avoid them from happening in the first place. Some tips you can use include:

  • Have your pipes inspected regularly by a plumber.
  • Have your old or damaged pipes replaced.
  • Insulate your pipes during cold weather to avoid freezing.
  • Schedule professional drain cleaning services.
  • Avoid putting harmful materials down your drains.
  • Be aware of where your pipes run underground and avoid major construction projects near them.
  • Plant trees away from pipelines.

Do you need help locating and repairing a water leak? Call About Plumbing Inc. at 314-607-1126 for water leak detection services in Arnold, MO. We offer straightforward pricing!