Avoid These 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes

How to Stop Making Common Plumbing Mistakes 

There are three common plumbing mistakes that professional plumbers want homeowners to know about. In this blog post, we share what the most common plumbing mistakes are and how to avoid them in 2023. The new year is the perfect time to start the year by leaving old bad habits in the past. Here are three bad plumbing habits of leaving behind. 

Proper care for a home plumbing system is essential for preventing plumbing disasters. Knowing the common plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them can help save homeowners from spending unnecessary time and money on plumbing issues this year. Signing up for a maintenance plan at the start of the year can take the hassle out of scheduling appointments for the rest of 2023. 

Mistake #1: Using Liquid Drain Cleaner 

clogsLiquid drain cleaner is a product that has been advertised as a solution to clearing clogged drains. In reality, liquid drain cleaners can do more damage to the plumbing than good. The harsh chemicals in liquid drain cleaners are designed to burn away clogs, but they can also burn away metal pipes leading to corrosion. 

Using too much liquid durian cleaner can lead to the entire plumbing system being replaced. Preventing corrosion is just one of the reasons why plumbers recommend that homeowners never use liquid drain cleaners. These products also contain highly toxic chemicals that can have severe negative health impacts on humans and animals. 

Mistake #2: Skipping Maintenance Appointments 

maintenanceThe best thing homeowners can do to promote the efficient performance of their plumbing system is to invest in a maintenance schedule. Skipping maintenance appointments can be a costly mistake if the system breaks down. Fixing small problems early on can help to keep them from turning into big problems. 

During plumbing maintenance appointments, the plumber will tighten loose parts, clean, and inspect the plumbing. If any issues are found, the professional plumber can recommend solutions for the homeowner. It is essential to regularly flush out the inside of the water heater tank to prevent mineral sediments from corroding the tank. Routine water heater maintenance protects the homeowner’s investment in their plumbing hardware. 

Mistake #3: Hiring Amateurs or Attempting “DIY”

Before hiring a friend or family member to attempt plumbing repairs, installation, or maintenance, always check to ensure that they are fully licensed and insured for the type of work being prepared. Without the proper business insurance coverage, the homeowner may be liable for any damages during the repairs. Hiring an amateur repairman can be dangerous because someone could get hurt. 

Installation or maintenance from an unqualified person could void the factory warranty on hardware and parts. The best way to ensure the plumbing system is safely installed and maintained is to leave it up to a trustworthy and affordable local plumbing company. A professional plumber will know the most efficient and safe way to perform the necessary maintenance and repairs. They will also be able to make expert recommendations for improving the home plumbing system’s performance. 

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