Kick Off Spring Cleaning With the Water Heater

The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

It's time to start putting wintertime in the rearview, which means working on preparing the house for spring and summer. During this time of year, most families spend some time taking care of home maintenance tasks as part of a comprehensive spring cleaning punch list. One of the most important tasks is water heater maintenance. 

Water heater maintenance is vital to keeping the hot water flowing in every home. For some, professional water heater maintenance may be preferable, but for plucky DIYers, this task can be handled safely and effectively. Here is some information to help get everyone started. 

Is it Time to Flush the Hot Water Tank? 

water heaterHas it been a year since the water tank was flushed? Then, it is time to flush the hot water tank again. Over the year, sediment can build up in the water tank. While water may look clean and pure in a glass, ample amounts of suspended and dissolved solids are within it. When water is allowed to sit still in a water heater, a common occurrence, these solids sink to the bottom of the water heater, where they accelerate corrosion and cause major inefficiencies. 

To remove the sediment and mineral buildup inside the tank, simply shut off the gas or power to the tank. Drain the tank to remove solids and flush the water heater with fresh water from the fill valve. Shut the drain, then allow the tank to refill and restore gas pressure or power. 

Other Items to Check Off the Water Heater Maintenance List 

water heaterWhile the tank drains or empties, this is the perfect time to do all the other recommended tasks. If a professional is doing the water heater maintenance, they will do these tasks now. For DIYers, when the tank is draining, remember to do things like: 

  • Pull the anode rod and inspect for corrosion
  • Check valves
  • Remove and clean heating elements
  • Clean around the burner
  • Look for signs of leaks or rust and corrosion

For homeowners, if any deficiencies are found, they should call for professional input immediately. While these tasks are easy enough for most competent homeowners, most of the repairs should be done by professionals. 

Reasons to Do Regular Water Heater Maintenance 

Water heaters are expensive appliances, so homeowners should take every opportunity to ensure they last as long as possible. In addition to being expensive, they also require a lot of utilities to keep them providing hot water, so any inefficiencies can waste a lot of money. Water heater maintenance is aimed at increasing the water heater's longevity and making it more energy efficient. By doing water heater maintenance every year, homeowners can save a bundle by getting years of more service from their water heater while reducing their bills. This spring, whether by a professional or DIYer, make sure water heater maintenance is completed. 

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