Arnold, MO Water Softener Services

Is your hard water shortening the lifespan of your appliances? Call us to learn how our water softener services can help. We proudly service the Jefferson County, MO area.

Have you noticed your clothes fading, or buildup on your faucets or dishes? This can signal you have hard water, which can lead to a shorter lifespan for your plumbing appliances and piping system. To treat this, you need a water softener. Call About Plumbing Inc. for installation and repair services in Arnold, MO. Let our trustworthy technicians do the work!

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What Are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Is hard water wrecking your pipes and appliances? You can benefit from a water softener. Some of the advantages you might experience are:

  • Cleaner and shinier silverware and glassware.
  • Softer and cleaner feeling hair and skin.
  • Less housework by eliminating the need to remove soap scum from the shower or tub.
  • Softer fabrics, as they no longer have hard minerals trapped inside of them. Your fabrics will also last longer, and stay brighter.
  • Longer-lasting water-using appliances, such as coffee and ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters.

Water Softener Maintenance Tips

Like other appliances and systems in your house, your water softener needs to be properly maintained. Some tasks you should perform include:

  • Add rock salt to the unit on a regular basis to prevent it from getting too low.
  • Clean the system at least once a year.
  • Have your unit inspected by a certified plumbing technician regularly.

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Signs You Have Hard Water

Are you unsure if you have hard water in your Arnold home? There are some signs you can watch for, including:

  • Spots on glasses: If you have spots on your glassware after washing them.
  • Low water pressure: If you notice your shower head and faucets have low water pressure, it can signal there is a buildup of minerals that is clogging the fixtures.
  • Faded clothing: If your clothes are starting to fade or if they are wearing out sooner than expected.
  • Irritation: If your skin feels dry and your hair is brittle.

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