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Sewer Line Repair in Jefferson County, Missouri

At About Plumbing, our sewer line repair services will take care of your damaged sewer system as quickly and efficiently as possible. Protect not only your property but also the health of your family by restoring your sewer line and keeping that wastewater in the sewer system.

When a sewer line breaks, the water builds up underground. As it rises, it forms areas of sewage water in your yard that over time, can find its way near the foundation of your home. Our sewer line repair services take care of any clogs, breaks, or leaks that occur and will get your home and drain system running back to normal. This includes the use of our premier hydro jetting services to combat blockages. If the problem is shown to be unfixable, we are also available to install a brand new sewer line anywhere in Jefferson County and South county. 


Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

Usually, signs of a damaged sewer line are easy to spot. Here are some of the most common signs:

  • Standing water or flooded yard.
  • A strong sewer odor on your property. Specifically your basement or areas of your yard right about the sewage system.
  • Much greener, healthier-looking grass near sewage pipes.
  • Gurgling noises from your toilet.
  • There is a significantly low water level in the toilet bowl.
  • Sewage has backed-up in both the toilet and bathtub.
  • Noticeably higher water or sewage bill.
  • Constantly clogged drains.

If you are experiencing any items on the list above, it’s likely that your sewer line is damaged. If you’re looking for an estimate, we’d be happy to provide a quick one over the phone.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Sewer line camera inspection allows our plumbers the ability to determine what kind of problems the sewer drain is encountering and also provide knowledge about whether trenchless sewer line repair is a possibility.

 By using sewer line camera inspection, we can  determine the following:

  • The location of sewer lines.
  • Any issues with draining such as stoppages or blockings.
  • The type of sewer system in the yard.
  • Areas of connections and where the water flows to.

While sewer camera inspection lets us determine many important details, it sadly does not allow us to figure out if you have a leak in your pipes or the location of the leaks. 

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