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Septic Tank Installation Services

We provide septic tank installation to Jefferson county and surrounding areas in South County. Call for an estimate or to schedule service

Upon scheduling service, one of our certified plumbers will come to you. Our technicians are always on-call to provide convenient installations. Septic tank installations and excavation projects should be done by licensed professionals. At About Plumbing, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all sewer and septic-related repairs and services.

Before installation, there a few things that can be done to save time and money on services. Alternatively, we can complete these pre-installation steps.


Pre-Installation Steps

  • Cleaning the Area – If you already have an idea of where the septic tank will be installed, it’s important to clean the area. This will help to save on installation costs, and provide a clean path and area for the septic tank to be installed.
  • Laying the Gravel – In order to help absorb soil, surrounding gravel is spread prior to installation. You can get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll need, or we can provide the gravel for you.
  • Obtaining the Permits – Occasionally, there are permits that will need to be obtained depending on your city or county’s regulations.

Types of Septic Tanks

Since septic tanks are made in so many different types of materials, our licensed septic tank installers work with you to determine the best option for your home or business.


The most common type of septic tank. It can last for decades but are vulnerable to cracks and separation. 

They are great to fight rusting or cracking, however, their lightweight makes structural damaging and shifting a concern.
They are great to fight rusting or cracking, but their lightweight makes structural damaging and shifting a concern.
Not the most common option. Steel tanks are hardly as durable as one would think. Also, the covers they have are prone to corrosion as well, but these can be replaced. 

Our Septic Tank Installation Process

If your home does not have a sewer system, then a septic tank is necessary. When wastewater is flushed, it makes its way down the main drain and into the septic tank where sludge is separated from the wastewater. As the sludge makes its way to the bottom, the water moves onto the drain field where it gradually moves up into the soil.

Installing a septic tank and drain field for the first time begins with a test of the soil and the area where the system is planned to go. After a permit is obtained and everything is approved, the design of the drain field is created and then our plumbers really get to work.

One of our licensed septic tank installers then begins the process to guarantee a safe and correct job on the installation. Once the septic installation is complete, your home will have an efficient running septic system. Contact us to get started today! We provide plumbing services all over Jefferson County and South County, Missouri.

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