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Water Softener Repair in Jefferson County, MO

Are you having issues with hard water showing up throughout your home or commercial business? About Plumbing Inc. provides expert water softener repair throughout Jefferson County and parts of South St. Louis County.

Water Softeners are essential parts of many homes. They are the key to keeping heavy minerals out of your tap water and off of your clothes, dishes, and your drinking water. We have repaired softeners all over the Jefferson County area for over 20 years. with our experience and plumbing expertise, our plumbers will quickly and easily diagnose the problem and have your water softener up and ready to go. Before you know it, your home or commercial business will have clean soft water again.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

A healthy water softener can be a crucial appliance for any home or commercial building. When cold “hard” water enters the resin tank, the minerals from the water sticks to the sides of the tank itself, thanks to resin-covered walls inside the tank. Over time, too many minerals cover the walls and this means your tank needs to be cleaned.

Many tanks have a system recharge, where saltwater from a brine tank will enter the resin tank and help remove the minerals along the walls. The minerals then dissolve and the resin walls are clear to capture more minerals from incoming hard water.


Signs Your Water Softener is Breaking Down

Over time, your softener will accumulate minerals and you’ll start to notice a change in the way your dishes and clothes look, and how your tap water begins to taste. If you notice any of these signs from your water, then it might be time to have your water softener looked at for repair.  If your softener happens to be over 10 years old, it is better to replace it and install a new water softener. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for these signs:


  • Your dishes become cloudy and more soap is needed to clean them.
  • Your laundry feels stiff and there are stains on them from minerals.
  • Buildup around your pipes and faucets.
  • The quality of your tap water goes down and it has now acquired a salty taste.

Tips to Avoid Water Softener Repair

Avoiding water softener repair can be easy with some quick and easy tips to keep your appliance healthy and running smoothly.

  • Don’t add too much salt to the brine tank. You should only fill it up 3/4 of the way. Filling it up too much can cause a hard dome or crust to form at the top. When filling up your salt bin, make sure to wait until the bin is nearly empty to refill.
  • Use iron-out for your tank to help remove any foul iron that has taken over in your softener. Follow the directions to know how much to put in the brine tank and run a manual recharge to flush the iron filled water out of the system.
  • Ensure your resin tank injector is consistently clean. Dirty salt is a common clog that plugs the injector. To do this, turn off the water going to the softener by turning the bypass valve on. Then, run the softener through a manual recharge to relieve all the water pressure. Finally, takeoff both caps located on the injector head and thoroughly clean the injector and the injector screen.

Prevent Future Issues

With these troubleshooting tips, your water softener will provide a long healthy life for your household or commercial business. These tips can be easy for you to do on your own, but if you do not feel comfortable around your water softener or you feel there is a bigger problem at hand, contact us at About Plumbing Inc. One of our trusted plumbers will be there to provide a free estimate and help you get your problem fixed. 

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