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Garbage Disposal Repair in Jefferson County

We provide garbage disposal repair to Jefferson county and areas of South St. Louis County. Call for an estimate or to schedule service.

Garbage disposals are one of the handiest tools in your kitchen. They’re great for providing that extra punch to break through debris and clogged drains. When they are not working well, it can be hazardous to your drains and kitchen. Our garbage disposal repair services are available all throughout Jefferson County. We have trained professional plumbers ready to repair your kitchen disposal and even install a new one if needed.

Your garbage disposal will face a number of different issues if you don’t properly take care of it. Putting the wrong things down the drain can cause jams and clogs to easily occur. With the importance that these appliances bring to every kitchen, it’s important to have somebody who knows how to repair a garbage disposal work on yours.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

There are numerous problems that might occur with your disposal. While some may be more severe than others, each problem can be fixed with the help of a trained professional plumber.


Your Garbage Disposal is Stuck Humming

Having a humming garbage disposal is one of the more common issues that we encounter. You’ll notice that when you flip your power switch up to start it, all you hear is a humming noise instead of your typical grinding. Some of the causes for this issue include an object being lodged between the blades, or a problem with the breaker socket. If you are trying to dislodge the item from the blades, then make sure you are turning the power off so you do not lose any fingers. 

Having a Clogged Garbage Disposal

When you find yourself faced with a clogged garbage disposal, you’ll end up with backed up water coming up from your drain and into your sink. This could be a result of what you put down your drain. The buildup of food might have occurred and resulted in the backing up of your drain lines. 

You Need to Fix A Leaking Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal can leak from three areas: the top, the bottom, or from the side. Each leak can mean different problems with your sink disposal. A leak from the top of your garbage disposal can mean the putty around your sink flange has loosened or corroded. Or the seal itself has just been broken. A leak from the bottom of the kitchen disposal could mean a busted seal inside of it. Any leak coming from the side of it could mean the likely cause is drain lines.

The Garbage Disposal is Overheating

The first sign of an overheated garbage disposal is hearing no sounds when you turn it on. Before beginning any repairs, try pressing the reset button on your kitchen disposal. It is usually located on the bottom. If it is still not running, then it is time to have a professional come look at it. There’s a chance that the circuit might have tripped or a new one will need to be installaed.

Preventing Future Garbage Disposal Repairs

Preventing future garbage disposal repairs is a lot easier than you might think. It all starts with watching what you put down your garbage disposal. Each item that goes down your sink disposal should be placed in small amounts. The food that goes down should be easily breakable and non-fiberous. Common myths such as coffee grounds or eggshells should never go down the drain as once believed. Each has the properties to clog your drain and cause unnecessary headaches and repairs. To learn more about what you shouldn’t put down the drain, check out our blog about it.

When you’re in need of garbage disposal repair services, contact us at About Plumbing Inc. We’ll take care of any breaks, clogs, humming, or overheating your kitchen disposal may encounter.

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