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Faucet Repair Services in Jefferson County, MO

Our plumbers are confidently able to provide your residential or commercial property with expert faucet repair.

Your faucet is such a valuable piece of your home plumbing. Your kitchen and bathroom faucet is responsible for washing dishes, washing your hands, and cleaning other various things. So you can understand why keeping it repaired and maintained is so important. There are numerous issues you may find with your appliance. Consistent water dripping, a leak from the base, rust on your faucet, or even the attachment sprayer breaking down are some of the most common issues we’ve encountered.

Finding that your home is in need of faucet repair services? Call one of our plumbers at About Plumbing Inc. Each of our plumbers is licensed, certified, and fully bonded. We work quickly but efficiently. We realize how important plumbing is to your residential or commercial property, so our plumbers are always ready to tackle any task. If you are in need of a new faucet altogether, our plumbers will install it with ease. Let us know when you’re ready to get started today!

Common Faucet Problems

Faucet repair and maintenance is always a necessary task. Over time, minerals buildup and clog and rust the appliance causing other components of the faucet to break down or have problems itself. Since your faucet is such an important part of your kitchen and bathroom it’s important to keep the problems to a minimum and get your repairs and maintenance done to continue with your everyday household tasks.

Faucet is Dripping Water

Dripping faucets are some of the most annoying plumbing problems out there. Not only do they make an obnoxious dripping noise, but they can also waste up to five gallons of water a day! So you can see just how much it costs you when these dripping faucets go unfixed. The common problem with a dripping faucet is almost always a washer replacement or repairing the seat that holds the water pressure back. 

Low Water Pressure From The Faucet

When your home or business is dealing with low water pressure from your kitchen or bathroom faucets, you’re looking at an issue that can come from a variety of different areas. You could have an issue with your pressure reducing valve or your valves under the sink may not be fully open. Another possibility is that your aerator is clogged with mineral deposits and sediments. This blockage alone is enough to reduce the pressure of your water. 

Leaky Faucet Around the Base

If you find yourself with a leaky faucet base, then you have an issue with your o-ring toward the back of your faucet. Leaving this unfixed can cause problems with your countertop and sink as the water can continue to corrode the sealant around the sink itself. 

Noise From Your Faucet

Any noise you hear from your faucet may come from anything such as a loose washer, or issues within the water pipes itself. Common noises associated with this issue are whistling or screaming like noises. 

A Broken Faucet Sprayer

If you’ve purchased your fair share of faucets over the years, you know that faucet sprayers don’t last the full life of the appliance. However, there is a reason why. The leaks or loosenings that come from the broken sprayer are usually a case of possible mineral buildups. 

Put A Stop to Future Problems

Taking care of your faucet means acting quickly when problems arise. To get the most out of your kitchen or bathroom faucet, it’s ideal to call a professional plumber to take care of the problems before even greater damages start to show up. When you work with About Plumbing Inc., we ensure that your faucet repair will be done properly so you don’t have to worry about this issue again. Contact us to get a free estimate and get started today. 

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