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Faucet Installation Services in Jefferson County

Faucet installation is a breeze with the help of our plumbers in Jefferson County. About Plumbing Inc. has quickly and carefully installed faucets in homes and commercial properties for over 20+ years.

Faucets are constantly used each day. Simple tasks such as washing your hands or cleaning the dishes make having a running and efficient faucet a must. If you’re experiencing any issues with your current faucet, contact us by phone or by form to let us know your issues. These common problems could easily be repaired, however, if the damage has gone on for too long, then it is probably time to install a replacement faucet.

When the time comes for a replacement, our plumbers at About Plumbing Inc., have the experience and professional training needed to get your home or business back up and running. Those constant leaks, drips, and rust build-ups could be signs that its time to replace your kitchen or bathroom faucet. Modern faucets are said to last around 15-20 years. But, that means routine maintenance and repairs are made in the meantime. Without those, your facet will see its lifespan decrease and other problems with the areas around your faucet could arise.


Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Faucet

As mentioned above, the average lifespan of a kitchen or bathroom faucet is about 15-20 years. This depends on a lot of factors though. Frequency of use, the quality/hardness of your water, proper installation the first time, the make and model of the faucet you have, and of course routine maintenance. The contributing factors are really what decides how long your appliance truly lasts.

When it’s time to install a new faucet, keep an eye out for these contributing signs:


  • Cracks, chips, discolorations, or any other damages you notice.
  • The parts become worn out or corroded.
  • Replacement of common parts does not fix the problem and the issues are recurring.

Replacement Faucet Installations

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or repairs just have not been the answer, contact our plumbers at About Plumbing Inc. We are professionals that know how to install a kitchen faucet and make the replacement quick and easy. Before you know it, our plumbers will be in and out of your home or business and you will be left with a beautiful running faucet ready to be used. To get a free estimate, you can reach us by phone or filling out a contact form at the bottom. One of our plumbers at our main location in Festus, Missouri will reach out to schedule a time to get started.

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