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Drain Repair Services in Jefferson County, MO

At About Plumbing, we provide efficient drain repair services to fix any cracked or broken drains. Call for an estimate or to schedule service.

Damages in your drain system happen. Over time, pipes corrode, break apart and collapse or they just break and are shattered and punctured causing leaks and a broken water line. Many times, there is nothing you can do to prevent these unfortunate circumstances. However, getting them fixed as quickly as possible is vital to your home, yard, and drain system.

To repair these issues, a sewer camera inspection is done to get to the extent of the problems. Sometimes, all you might need is a simple drain cleaning. Other times, it might be more severe. Luckily, this will also help us determine if trenchless sewer line repair is an option and save your yard from an excavation.

Collapsed Drains

A direct result of poor drain maintenance collapsed drains are sewer systems that frequently occur blockages and backups. This continually causes water to build up and create a pressure inside the system that eventually causes the drain to collapse.

Getting your collapsed drain repaired involves the need for a professional plumbing expert. If a simple drain cleaning does not do the trick, then we will need to go deeper to figure out the issue. With sewer camera inspection, we can examine the extent of the damages and figure out if your yard will need to be excavated or not. We can also see just how much needs to be repaired or replaced.

Signs of A Collapsed Drain

Keep an eye out for these signs if you believe you have a collapsed drain:

  • Regular blockages or sewage backups
  • A smell of sewage around your drain
  • A slow drain even after they have been cleaned
  • Damp and Mold showing up on the floors and walls
  • Sinking ground in your yard

If you notice any of the following signs affecting your home, give us a call at About Plumbing Inc. We’ll quickly get ahold of you and help you asses the problem.

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